Web Design Stages 

Pete Ashton Teams have experience in building both simple and complex sites, using various approaches and languages – so we are absolutely experienced enough to handle most web projects.

web design stages

We can be flexible in most areas and are happy to work with your own design or marketing team if that is preferred, though we will not compromise when it comes to the fundamentals that we know are required to produce a great end result.

web design stages

Pete Ashton can create totally bespoke systems using common web development languages, or use CMS and blogging platforms such as WordPress to speed up the process.

All of our websites are designed to be fully responsive, meaning that they will adapt to any screen size – plus they also conform to prevailing web standards, meaning that they will work on all major, modern web browsers.

We typically test web pages in a variety of modern browsers and can optionally specifically focus on testing particular browsers if we are asked to do so.

professional websites design

If needed we can arrange to have the finished software/site hosted on suitable webserver infrastructure operated by a reputable third party and can then maintain and manage the site for an ongoing retainer fee. Alternatively, we are also happy to hand over the site and its operation to your own team once all fees are paid in full. In some cases, it may be necessary to stress test the hosting environment before launching the site, particularly if it is anticipated that the site will receive a large amount of traffic in a short space of time. This is something we will discuss with you before committing to any particular hosting solution and can carry out ourselves when the time comes.

what the process of webdesign


Hosting Uptime


Fully Optimised


Dynamic Design

Finally, if agreed, once the site is running successfully, we will move on into a maintenance phase where we update the site as needed and make changes in accordance with any other ongoing marketing and optimization processes, such as SEO and CRO.

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