App’s for Business


There are more than a billion people in the world who could use custom mobile apps to be more productive at work. However, whether in a large corporation or in a small business, it has proven way too expensive, complicated, and time-consuming to build apps with traditional code-based programming.

We’ve taken a different approach by creating an intelligent, declarative, Affordable apps – Our mission is to empower all those people to innovate, to have created apps at affordable prices, and to use those apps every day with their teams.

The application

Application Development (ISO / Android)

The development of the app will be made for the user(customer ) to use with ease.. and produced for you to gain the information you need to allow you to designate a nurse/doctor/councilor or treatment the user will require. 

This will save time for user and allow user to do this at their own Leisure  and the comfort of their own own. 

For you it will free up valuable time and get the correct answers you need to access the users requirements.

For the development – I will be using an excel data sheet to add all questions that need to be completed by user. the excel data sheet is a specialist app data excel sheet that will require the correct data and formulas to make it work.  With the question I had been given, I will break this down into development pages.. so the user knows there are 1, 2 or 3 pages of questions that need to be answered. Each question will have a radio style checkbox unless the user will need to add extra information. 

In the menu of the app – users will have access to this too.. 

you can have the:

– [ ] Questionnaire 

– [ ] Shop products ( link or direct )

– [ ] Contact us ( via email or chat ) 

– [ ] About you section 

– [ ] Other if required (social networks etc ) 

– [ ] Your other website links ( for info )

The framework – I will be using a web based frame that will allow us to connect the excel sheets and menus to make it usable for users. And this is where I add design and media. ( each media will be edited to fit dynamically for the app) I will use photos that I can use on your websites 

Third party programs – I will be using a third party program, this will allow the app to have further functions like use login or a fb / whatsapp chat also a further and beneficial to you, would be a purchase now app for products.

Using excel sheets and third party programs helps with keeping any extra functions up to date with latest updates with minimal distractions to the app. ( in most cases there is no distraction) 

Apps will generally have a single page website.. that is available for everyone to see.. this will have: about the app, requirements and general information about the app.. I will use a temporary subdomain for this while in development. Once ap is complete, it will have your new websites subdomain. 

I would suggest not to have this app on Apple or google play at this stage due to the price and the regulations of both companies,this could delay the presence of the app.. I will make your app available to download for users on each of your websites and including planet earth sos. The app will be developed for iOS and android users – there is a difference with the development and each has to be designed and developed differently and accordingly.

Information from the user.. from each user you will get their name and contact information and including all the answers from the questionnaire this will be on a form of a modified excel sheet and only you or your staff will only have access too. ( while in development I will have access of course ) 

Once the app is complete to your satisfaction there will be general updates that will be required to continue functioning correctly. I will do this as and when is required.

Seo on google and bing.. on each website you have developed, I will add the new app on there, and provide each site with a manual site map and the essential seo and mapping that is required to maximise the search findings for each user.