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This not the most typical way of contacting us, but its the most efficient and cost effective way, there are no salery costs for us to pay, so these savings are reflected in the quote with give you.. in sure you it will be one of the best quotes you will get. 

Alternativly – you can purchase a website package directly from the website and we will be in contact with you to discuss your requiremnts.  

Frequently Asked Question

Why Purchase Upfront?

This is a great question – my answer is this: the upfront cost covers my initial costs that I have to pay before I start building your new website, the rest covers the development costs – thus giving you our time and passion in a greater detail.

What if i don't have Content?

Your content will be generated by us, we will create pictures, logos, flyers, also included is any written  content to go onto your new website.

When will my new website be ready??

Your website will take around 14 days to build, but may take longer if your website is bigger.. but your website will be visible to you to see online from day 3..

are there any other charges?

Once you have selected your choice of website.. that’s the price. you will not get any other charges. however if you require extra pages and content, and a complete redesign of your currant website this may be subject to charge.

If i want a premium domain name?

You can have a premium domain, but this will be a separate quote and paid upfront before I purchase the domain name. premium domains can vary in price and also subject to availability.

i have purchased domain elswhere

Thats not a problem, we can transfer domains or point them to your new website, its not a problem.. but you will have to arrange to get ssl and business email from that domain, we do all that a standard on our own domains. 

can i have facebook on my website?

Yes, I can connect facebook, and most social networks to your website, also add fb messenger and WhatsApp direct for potential customers can contact you direct from your website.

I have to trust you do my website?

Yes, there is a big level of trust, most of what I do is from recommendations.. it in my interest to complete your website and make it everything that is is a big deal.

will my website be found on google?

Your website will defo be found on google, and other search engines.. I use the latest SEO programs to make sure that google does everything to track your website. 

Can i get a discount?

In simple terms, no. there is no discounts that i give for individual websites.  how ever, if you are an agency and require a bulk amount, then we can talk further. 

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