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“Branding is endowing products and services with the power of a brand” (Kotler & Keller, 2015). According to (Hislop, 2001), Branding is the process of creating a relationship or a connection between a company’s product and emotional perception of the customer for the purpose of generating segregation among competition and building loyalty among customers.

The brand is the idea or image of a product or service offered by a company that stays in the mind of the customer. It is an emotion or feelings developed towards the company or its product which are offered by the company. A product can be easily copied by other companies but the brand always remains unique and different from other brands. There are many examples in our day-to-day life like Pepsi and Coke. In this case, their product is similar but the brand name, logo, tagline, etc. are different from one another. It is a strategy designed by organizations to help people to quickly identify and experience their brand, and give them a reason to choose their products over the competition’s, by clarifying what this particular brand is or not.

The main objective is to attract and remain loyal towards the customers and their stakeholders by delivering a product at the right place at the right time.

Physical markings[edit]


There are many areas that are used to develop a brand such as advertising, customer service, promotional merchandise, reputation, and logo

  • Brand, a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service
    • Branding (promotional), the distribution of merchandise with a brand name or symbol imprinted
    • Brand management, the application of marketing techniques to a specific product, product line, or brand
    • Employer branding, the application of brand management to recruitment marketing and internal brand engagement
    • Internet branding, brand management on the Internet
    • Nation branding, the application of marketing techniques for the advancement of a country
      • Place branding, the application of marketing techniques for the advancement of country subdivisions
    • Personal branding, people and their careers marketed as brands
    • Co-branding, two companies or brands partnering on a product or service
    • Branding Agency, a type of marketing agency which specializes in creating brands
    • Faith branding, the application of marketing techniques to religious institutions or individuals