TikTok Business  Marketing Adverts

As TikTok is the fasted way to build an audience and possibly a customer base – your business needs to be marketing your brand – Billions of people across the globe are using TikTok on a daily basis.

TikTok business Marketing

How to Grow An Audience

To build an audience on TikTok is to be consistent in your short videos, make them eye-catching for your audience, and give them something they can relate to.

Communicate with your audience, if they make a comment on your video, good or bad, reply to them in a positive way..


Marketing Video

Let your audience know that you have a new product – show it off on TikTok with a simple but effective video. Impress your customers and let them show their friends who they shop with.
Your local fast food restaurant has an offer. you are more likely to get a meal from them, fasted way for local customers to see this, is on TikTok, your followers will love it.
Businesses and brands need customers to survive. So get the positive effect from a bold and informative TikTok video as more and more businesses are using that right now.

What you get

Buiding a project for TikTok is fun but also a serious plan. I ensure that every video produced can be developed in such a unique and bespoke way. This will give your audience something awesome to share like and comment on. Did you know that each video posted can be shared on other social networks? this is a powerful tool, espicially for business.



3,7 or 15 second video ready for tiktok


Add none copyright music to the video


Have a single video of have a series


Add your logo and business detail on


Advisory hash tags and trends for posting


All bespoke and unique videos


TikTok Business Marketing Adverts

TikTok Videos

Not sure what you want? that’s ok, allow our design experts to produce you something unique. They need to know your business web URL and what you like to promote or what product you have on special offer and they can do the rest. All videos come in the correct format you need to post directly to TikTok. We will also suggest the trending hashtags you need to maximize the video viewing.

The Design

Whether your business is a taxi service or a natural product company, we can design a video that works for you.


You can be a sole trader to a corporate business – we can produce a video or series for any size company.


Prices start at £30 

Hopefully, you already have a Tiktok account. 

If you have: you should set it as a business account and get it registered with TikTok. this does have added benefits for your account. also, this help get you verified      ( blue tick next to your name ) 
If you have not: you can easily set one up, add your logo and business website in the bio, start with a welcome video and ask a question to your new audience.. this could be: what’s your favorite pizza topping? 
peteashton tiktok video marketing for business

Let’s Show them what you got

Order a single video

Let us know what you want, if you have a sale on or you just want to send us a video for us to produce a marketing advert for you. 

Order a series 

This can be an ongoing campaign and you want a video each week or you would like to have a block of 4 videos. let us know want you would like.