How I got a million views on Tiktok

I started doing Tiktok a few months ago, not actually realising what I’m doing, or really what it was about.. but the one thing I did know- that it was going to embarrass my older children.. why ? dads embarrass their kids.. without even trying. 


So, I had been posting short videos on tiktok and doing this on a daily basis.. getting a few likes, and followers increased daily – to which I followed back.

I also interacted with other Tiktokers, commenting on their videos, kept the comments nice and positive, and at times humorous.

Basically, that was my strategy, I did not have anything else I was doing special.. apart from adding the hashtags and edits in the right place, and added a title on every Tiktok.

I was so excited when a video hit 16 k views , then another video went to 47k views.. but then all of sudden a video went to 500k views – checking to see if had done anything different to the other videos.. no difference.

Posting each day and at the same sort of time, seemed to have helped the process.. because the next week, my new videos didn’t get that many views , but my older ones are.. 

but then boom, I’m sitting there watching this video going viral, getting past the one million mark was so exciting for me.. 

  • Stay consistent on time of posting
  • Interact with fellow tiktokers
  • Followed those that followed me
  • use relevant hashtags including fyp and viral 
  • used tiktok sounds and edits when doing the video. 


Thats basiclly what i done, did i get lucky, maybe if it was just one video, but i have had a few that have exceeded 50k views..

it would be good to see what your thoughts are on this, or if you are a tiktoker, share with us how you get your million veiws.

use the comment box below.


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